Stay Fit

Sports Specific Conditioning

Getting back to a normal routine and a fit lifestyle after an injury or illness can be difficult. Whilst doing this, a person's current strength, stamina and overall vitality must be taken into consideration. At MG Sports & Fitness we have customized & tailor made fitness programs for sportsman and sedentary people to get them into the routine of healthy living. With constant supervision and timely alterations in fitness programs, MG Sports and Fitness is dedicated to getting you back on your feet.

Kids Fitness

School, tuitions and other academic activities today keep children completely busy. This is good but sometimes it takes a toll on their health as games, exercises and other sporting activities take a back seat and lack of physical fitness at a young age is dangerous for the future of the child. In the absence of fitness, children’s ability to concentrate on academics and other activities can reduce drastically and their immunity can become weak and most of all it can make them dull.
At MG Sports & Fitness we believe this issue can be handled effectively. Our unique methodology for children’s fitness comprises of outdoor exercises and games aimed at making fitness fun so that children can enjoy it and at the same time build the blocks of a happy and healthy future.
Till date we have had 500 children who have participated in this program and have got great results, we have also organized various popular events known as Children’s Treasure Hunt that has made fitness engaging and interactive.
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